The social design archive is now online – but work just started. At the moment we work hard on formulating, funding and promoting the idea of a global archive of social design projects.

Here is – in short – what we are about to do:

We will compile an archive of projects wich push social affairs by design. Our ambition is to facilitate exchange between various stakeholders on their experiences with methods, constraints and efforts of social design. Therefore we transform the local knowledge – even the implicit knowledge which is hidden in objects and practises – into globally and digital accessible Information.

Feel free to contact us if you want to get involved. Actually we are looking for contributors of any kind – ideological and intellectual, practically and financially.


Civic Design

We are excited to announce that SDA will contribute to the annual DGTF conference at Halle Burg Giebichentstein Kunsthochschule on December, 1.-2. with a round table session hosted by Boris and Kai.

The conference at large is claiming to deal with »the theory and practice of the social and political in design.«

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10 * Interviews

»Everything that emerges in design – things as well as non-concrete objects, for example, in the digital sphere – must have the ability to establish a useful relationship.«

This is how Stephan Ott, Editor in Chief at german design magazine form, defines his idea of a social design. This summer we conducted an interview with him on the fundamental understanding of what a social and civic design might be, how it could be defined, and how we are able to transform observations of a social practice into reasonable knowledge.

Stephan was our first interviewee in a series of ten interviews we are currently planning. Our intention is to collect ten prominent and diverse positions on the topic of social design. These positions should provide a mingled orientation in the field and on our specific questions concerning the theoretical framework of an archive of social design projects.

The interviews will be published irregularly as transcripts or videos. Any kind of contribution or personal expertise which could foster the comprehensiveness of the series is very welcome. Get in touch with us.