Civic Design

We are excited to announce that SDA will contribute to the annual DGTF conference at Halle Burg Giebichentstein Kunsthochschule on December, 1.-2. with a round table session hosted by Boris and Kai.

The conference at large is claiming to deal with »the theory and practice of the social and political in design.«

The knowledge emerging worldwide in social-design can not be covered clearly for a broad public or for initiators of new projects. In order to solve this problem, we are currently developing a knowledge- and communication-platform which promotes the exchange among participants and links local issues with globally available knowledge from already completed projects.
Within this hands-on workshop, we present our approach to the observation, documentation and investigation of social-design-projects. Using various examples, you will gain insights into the practice of civic design. A dynamic exchange of procedures, experiences and results is waiting for you, which provides you with links to your own practice, research and teaching.

We would like to discuss  …
…  what SD projects characterize and how they can be classified.
…  which role artifacts and their implicit knowledge play in social-design-projects.
…  which opportunities for cooperation can be jointly developed within a social-design-archive.

You can register for our round table session and the conference on the conference site. There you’ll also get extensive information about the complete program and the speakers.

We are looking forward to meet you there.

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